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Fic: Everything You Wanted (Arrow, Tommy/Laurel, PG-13)

Title: Everything You Wanted
Author: always_a_queen
Fandom: Arrow (2012)
Wordcount: 2,600
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Tommy Merlyn, Laurel Lance, Oliver Queen
Pairing(s): Tommy Merlyn/Laurel Lance, background Oliver/Laurel
Warning(s): Non-explicit sex, mild language
Summary: If you're honest with yourself - which, let's be real here, you are the only person you've ever felt comfortable being truly, completely honest with - you've been in love with Laurel Lance for an absurdly long time. // Or: Tommy and Laurel after the Queen's Gambit goes down.

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Fic: If You Ask Me To Stay (Arrow, Oliver/Felicity, PG)

Title: If You Ask Me To Stay
Author: always_a_queen
Fandom: Arrow (2012)
Wordcount: 5,300-ish
Rating: PG
Characters: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, John Diggle, mentions of others
Pairing(s): Oliver Queen / Felicity Smoak
Warning(s): Spoilers through 1x18. Mild Language.
Notes: This was supposed to be fluffy five times fic. It ended up turning into an angst fest. I'm only sort of sorry.
Disclaimer: I do not own Oliver Queen or anything else related to Arrow.
Summary: "Felicity never met the Oliver-of-before. The only Oliver she knows is the one forged by fire, the one who was irreparably broken again and again, but still somehow managed to piece himself back together, scar fragments be damned."

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Fic: Comfort and Joy (Avengers, Clint/Natasha, PG)

Title: Comfort and Joy
Author always_a_queen
A Gift For: inkvoices
Rating: PG
Warnings: Implied sexytimes, mild language.
Pairings: Clint/Natahsa, Thor/Jane, Tony/Pepper, and (overt hints of Steve/Maria)
Summary/Prompt Used: Prompt: 'Tis The Season: Clint and Natasha (and the whole team) and the holiday season. Or: The Avengers celebrate Christmas and everyone gives Natasha unwanted advice about her love life.
Authors Notes: This is the result of listening to way too much Christmas music on Pandora. Also, in my headcanon Steve is Catholic. I have no idea if this is canon compliant or not. If it's not, my apologies. For the Secret Santa exchange a be_compromised.

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Fanfic: From the Ashes - Part One (Nikita, Michael/Nikita, M)

Title: From the Ashes (1/2)
Author: always_a_queen // Small-Wonders
Fandom: Nikita (2010)
Rating: Mature
Characters: Michael, Nikita, Birkhoff, Percy, mentions of others.
Pairing(s): Michael/Nikita
Warning(s): (highlight to reveal) Non-Explicit Sex, Mild Language
Disclaimer: I do not own Nikita; this makes me sad.
Summary: "She's a trained Gogol operative. She'll be trying to use you just as much as you'll be trying to use her. Whatever you do, don't forget that." // Or: Nikita works for Gogol. Michael works for Division. It's possible they were doomed from the start.
Notes: I blame part of the inspiration of this fic on Nikita's "You are an excellent honeytrap" line from season one.

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Maria Hill, Avengers

009; Star Wars

I've had a few days to digest the whole Disney buying Star Wars thing, and in that time I've moved from apathetic to optimistic.

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Okay, I have to make it to 5,001 words today for NaNoWriMo, but I'd love to hear what all you Star Wars fans think. Are more prequel-esque travesties headed our way?  Or could Disney do for Star Wars what they've done for Marvel and breathe new life into the franchise? Is there a director you would like to see?

007; It's premiere season!

I love premiere season! I love checking out new shows and saying hello again to old ones. I'm tickled pink that Fringe comes back tonight.

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So what shows are you all looking forward to this fall season? Has anyone else checked out Last Resort? Is anyone else baffled by Elementary's very existence?

005; Internet Win

+ I've been working on this insanely long post in which I describe all kinds of recent events and feelings, but then I came across this piece of internet win that needed to be shared. Have you all heard of writtenkitten.net? Where you write so many words and receive a picture of an adorable kitten? There's one for Tom Hiddleston! Not sure about how this came about or if they're working with the makers of writtenkitten, but it was relevant to my interests so I thought I'd share. (Even though personally, I'd also like a WrittenJeremyRenner or WrittenChrisHemsworth, I'll take whatever Avengers-pretty I can get wherever I can get it.)

+ Also, a belated hello to everyone from the friending meme at be_compromised. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better! I totally forgot to mention it at that post, but I also have a tumblr and I would love to follow you if any of you have one as well. Actually, that goes for anyone on my friends list. Just drop your tumblr name in the comments and I'll follow you asap.

+ Finally, have a vid!rec of Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner being completely and totally adorable.