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.:there's a place out there for us:.

a world where you and I belong

a daughter of eve

we could be
{ kings and queens }
when the water meets the sky
where your heart is free
and hope comes back to life
when these broken hearts
are whole again
we'll find what we've
been waiting for
we were made for so much more


Welcome to the Journal of always-a-queen. She loves the fantastical, and constantly checks her closet for a portal to Narnia. Although she has yet to find that magical land, she still holds hope that one day she will.

always-a-queen loves to write, and therefore the majority of her journal consists of fanfic. Her muse is fickle though, so updates are often sporadic. Nevertheless, she's always looking for comments and critique, as well as recommendations for good quality fanfic. Along with writing, she enjoys reading. Hot tea, a good book, and a rainy afternoon are considered a wonderful combination.

always-a-queen has a very open friending policy. If you would like to be her friend, simply send her a message or leave her a comment telling her so. It would probably behoove you to mention a few shared interests. She'll likely friend you back as soon as possible.

This joyful daughter of eve loves to sing, and loves movies where the characters randomly break into singing and choreography with no discernible music source. She prefers television to movies because they allow for more character development.

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